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First steel wire rope manufactured in South Africa, the first order from Tweefontein Colliery.

Our core products are steel wire rope and chain products manufactured by our group companies, Haggie® Steel Wire Rope, Haggie® Wire and Strand and McKinnon Chain®.

We carry the largest inventory across our branches to ensure that product is readily available to our customers. Our intent is to have the right products available where and when our customers need them.

Across 13 branches, we are equipped to manufacture steel wire rope- and alloy chain slings to suit your specific requirements. Our intent is to have the right products available where and when our customers need them.

Our core manufacturing test facilities are approved by
Lloyds Register, Germanischer Lloyd, American Bureau of Shipping and American Petroleum Institute.



South African compliance and -certification - ISO/IEC 17025:2005

South African compliance and -certification - ISO 9001:2015

Issued by the American Petroleum Institute

Issued by the South African department of Employment and Labour

To certify the lifting set for Offshore containers or Portable Offshore Units



March 7, 1921, is the birthday of Haggie, Son & Love, and also of the wire rope-making industry in South Africa. Founders, James MacGill Love and Gordon Stewart Haggie, started up Haggie’s Jupiter Rope Works, the first wire rope-making plant in South Africa, located in Heriotdale, Johannesburg.



Haggie, Son & Love amalgamated with Rand Ropes Limited in Germiston in 1936, providing the business with its Wire and Strand factory, resulting in a name change to African Wire Ropes (AWR) and giving the business access to the construction industry.

It was in 1950 that Ian Haggie, the son of co-founder Gordon Stewart Haggie, accepted the torch of leadership. He expanded AWR, flexing its muscles in South Africa and investing in the USA.



AWR was later renamed Haggie Limited and listed on the JSE (1979). The company established a distribution network across South Africa and inNamibia, Zimbabwe and Zambia and formed Haggie Reid Australia (a manufacturing and distribution operation) and Haggie North America.

In 1998, Haggie acquired McKinnon Chain. In the preceding years, Anglo American had bought 100% of Scaw (1964). In 1980, Steel Ceilings and Aluminium Works (SCAW), which was established in 1924, bought 36% of Haggie and in 1999, 100%.



Together the Scaw and Haggie operations forged ahead to dominate key industries in South Africa and consistently achieve major exports of its reinforcing bar, and low and high carbon wire rod; prestressed concrete wire and strand to the construction industry; steel wire rope and wire products to the deep level, surface level and open cast mining industries, and offshore oil markets; coal grinding components to power stations in Europe, China and Mexico; and cast steel railway components to North America, Taiwan and Africa.

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